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I'm new newbie about using domains and buying website. So please give me advice.
I own website and two same domains with .net and .org. My website is non-profit (8 months old) and I'm using .net domain. My .org domain is parked. I read some posts on internet and they suggest that nonprofit site should use .org domain for benefits in search engine. Domain .com is already register from someone else and I guess it's too expensive to buy.
Should I change my domain from net to org with 301 or continue using my website with .net or maybe try to find another domain with .com extension. if you will find any expired profitable domain also share with me.
Yes, I think a dot org would resonate better with a non-profit. It's the extension used by many non-profit organizations. What you can do is transfer all your content over to the dot org domain, then put a re-direct from your dot net to the dot org.
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