I registered all left nnn.co.in


Because in China
average nnn.cn is about 190k RMB
average nnn.com.cn is about 30k RMB
nearly 1/6 price
so if nnn.in 's average price is 1000 usd the nnn.co.in price will be more than 150 usd.
when nnn.in price increase , nnn.co.in will increase also.

India is a various language district ,so number will be the only public symbol of all language.

when I told this to my chinese friend, he said he will choose some at 100+ usd price from me.

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@twhois - Thank you for bringing attention to NNN.co.ins AND increasing the values of those being held by domainers :). How many exactly were available for you to buyout fully?


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N-N.in should have some value too.. if NNN.in are selling at 1000 USD... possible N-N are only 100 names. Also registry is not allowing to register NN.in , so N-N.in is the only alternative..

In addition to that if you open the mobile keypad "-" appears in the same numbers window... which makes N-N.in also as a premium assets...
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