I know what A to Z means - a short story!


Okay here is a funny situation for some laughs.

I know what "a to z" means I think it is "Everything about anything", When I registered a2zinternet.com I felt delighted then I waited 2-3 days to see if somebody takes atozinternet.com, nobody took it, I took it! I felt like I was on top of the world literally. I felt so special elated and became a kid in the candy store ate the candy! thinking in my mind GOD do I deserve these domains? a big thank you, I was a fulfilled man and it was all real.

I felt like I felt because, come on it is 2012 and 2 billion plus internet users, here are these domains offering themselves up to me why me?

The whole experience was surreal and I never experienced anything like this. I didn't know that this miracle will happen back in 2007 when I bought miracle.in

I am what I am today as a domainer/developer because of 4 internet discussion forums and people that hangout there. I am proud of it. Life starts small and we evolve it is a natural process. To those who say people on internet forums are not serious, you don't know what you are talking!

1)Web hosting talk
2)Name Pros

My SALUTE to Owners of these forums above and everybody that are involved and hangout there. You people MADE MY LIFE LITERALLY. I am a Tool Maker you guys tranformed me into a Domainer! and Web Developer ha ha. A simple thank you is not enough for all this.

The whole thing felt good :D what do you think? I am happy to share this story with you and I swear I never thought this day would come! Please comment, it is positive or negative I want all your opinions. Share your stories if you wish, I would love to read. Thank you.

PS: Too many I's used to make it all a bit SPICY & FUN, take care love you all. I thought that this story is worth sharing, if any of you feel otherwise please let me know I will edit it out :( it's alright.
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