"I Bought My Domain, So I Own It ― Right?" Not Necessarily


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Huffington Post writes about the ownership of a domain name.
Here is what they wrote:

What is your most important online asset? I won't blame you if you think it is your website. That is a logical answer, but not the right one. Your most important asset is actually your domain. For all intents and purposes, it is the road that gets people to your online presence. You can build the most beautiful, lavish castle anyone has ever built, but if the roadway isn't there, no one is coming.

This brings up a super-important question: who owns your domain? Not according to your foggy memory but according to the WHOIS Database, the central repository for information about domain ownership. The quickest way to tell is to do a search of thedatabase.

Hopefully, the results will show you that you are the owner of your domain.

BUT, sometimes that isn't the case. Why? Because there are bad people in the world who skirt around ethics like a Governor from Illinois. (Yep, Chicagoan here bragging on my state, where four of the last seven governors have been sent to the big house after serving in office). Ok, unlike an Illinois politician, it isn't always the case that the bad guys are purposefully doing the wrong thing. Here are some examples of how domain ownership can get muddled."

Read the full article on Huffington Post


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