I am a domainer! and beginner developer are you? show us what you are proud of!


Hello everybody,

Someone insulted me the other day saying My .in portfolio is 'C' grade. I had to go back and look at what I have done in my Life until now when it comes to domaining that I am proud of in retrospect.

As a domainer I am proud of myself for being able to make a LLL .com,.net.org triplet as a regular Joe that is not in the Elite Circle. I am still a Joe and wish to remain so for the rest of my life in person even though I am little richer now :p

The Triplet in question is YHH.COM, YHH.NET & YHH.ORG

I will not say it is the best triplet ever, but it is my pride :) I sold them because I am a Joe, no need to explain that!

Next comes A2ZINTERNET.COM, I don't know the exact value of this one but I am proud of this pair, because I also have its little sister but a bit lengthier one ATOZINTERNET.COM

so far in the past week and a day I registered the domains below.


All are hand registered at different times.
No lists used just brainstorming that's all.

All the above can be developed into good info sites or more than that. Developing is my plan and I have not done any deeds that I am trying to hide or afraid of :) I put my head up and go where ever I go, never get intimidated any anything or anyone as long as I know I am on the right path(The path that is conceived as 'self minding', 'not harmful' and 'can be useful' by the society)

As most of you know now my other projects and domains, can you guys give me some kind of feedback please... am I doing it right or wrong? when it comes to domaining? or my development plans...

When you are helping me find my true self as a domainer and wannabe developer please do not consider anything related to recent issues I involved myself in, The report like stuff I wrote trying to inspire and initiate actions in all of you etc. Lastly Money, please don't bring money into picture also as I make enough to keep my wishes going! I drop domains like flies and not bothered about it, "what is yours will be yours" kind of guy I am.

So as a domainer who am I? am I doing it right..., as we go please feel free to post what you think you're proud of....


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@NameTrader, doing hand reg's using our brain is what domaining is all about. I feel more happy when i hand reg a domain and develop it. I feel more happy when i rank for that name with a keyword which i aim to rank in search engines.

Example:- MobileApps.co.in
Created On:28-Jun-2010 19:27:38 UTC

Ranks for the keyword "mobile apps" in Google.co.in :)

What i do apart from Domaining? I do SEO & SEM.
@ Nametrader,

I would share few comments regarding your portfolio, based on what i think as a developer.

Not all domains are good for development, nightdress.in & co.in are good better than nightdresses. night dress is very commonly used by everyone, and once people start buying online everything, this would boom. You can create a simple site with different designs and stuff available.

Recoverytools is good domain if developed it correctly, recoverytools doesnt have much excat google searches but you can look at tail keywords and try to put content related to everything related to Recovery tools, softwares, and so on..........

Latestproducts, latestsongs are good names to be developed, only thing is you need to have up to date information on this things....

Uninstall, uninstaller and all doesnt make much sense to me, i cant think much ideas on this, you may have an idea.

Other domains are small and ok,

But you can do anything with the domains with a right idea, Just have to work and think smart.

Whenever you are buying and domain and planning to develop. Just think that it will cost you $25 to $50 to setup a small site if you can design your own website. Just my way of thinking.

Whatever may be your cost per site you need to think how would you recover that money with development, and how much time it would take. Lots of factor come in, how many excat search the domain has, how much is competition, PPC.

if you have 5000 to 10k excat for that keyword and if you rank 1st in google you can get 5k + visits, which could make good money.

If you have 1k excat, then there may be less earning & visit but if that keyword has high cpc and high competition then it may break even.

So this small things you have to look first when you are buying, coz when we have developed domain and when we get less cpc we complaint ;-)

But then everything has 2 sides, if you have more excat high cpc then there is high competition also.......

That's why we have to be smart.

So whenever you are buying, just think 10 times before you buy, thats how i do, if i search 10 domains a day i hardly would register 1 or 2, coz when we are searching and buying we may like 10, 20 , 30 domains but you need to find the real ones from that..

Good luck nametrader, Give it a start and have patience :) you will do well..


Thanks @getaddicted I appreciate your tips. Regarding uninstall.in, it is a big business online as people are always searching for ways to uninstall some scum from their computers. Main keyword domain + long tail branching as sub pages with useful content is what I am going to do.

Thanks again I am quitting this forum.

Good luck to you.
Not really, do you have unedited posts? I do have PDF of last few pages of the thread.Before shooting the messenger his messages were edited to look it silly.


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He has on many occasions made personal remarks and baseless allegations against other members (particularly Mitsu).
Forum rules do not permit that.
Jeff is usually very patient but I guess nametrader crossed the line.
I am sure there is forum rules for members, as Jeff is just enforcing that.In your opinion what "baseless allegations" he made?
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