Hurry! Low Reserve Met For JEWELSCORNER.COM at Sedo BID NOW


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Low reserve had met for JEWELSCORNER.COM at sedo and Now,it is on Public Auction

Bid your best offers Before it goes out of your hands at Auction Detail -

Information About Past Sales as Follows
: had sold for 150,755 USD had sold for 30,000 USD had sold for 32,500 USD had sold for 5,184 USD had sold for 3,488 USD

Information Regarding Price Appraisals

Estibot has valued at 2,98,000 USD at 1,48,000 USD

Information Regarding Demand is with an extension of .com which is in Most Demand.

There is a Large Showroom with a Name Jewels Corner in Los Angeles.

I hope the above given information will be enough to BID on it.
Hence Bid your favorable price at Auction Detail -

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