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I was reading this thread on a .US sale recently and was blown away by how this person negotiated:

"I sold for $3,500 last week, via GoDaddy broker (unsolicited, inbound).

Here’s how it went down, and some takeaways from this that you can use when acquiring future inventory to try and sell.

The email I received a week and a half ago:

Subject: SPAC.US – $2,000 USD Offer For Domain Name
I recently sent you an email with an offer for the domain name SPAC.US. I know that you may have viewed the offer previously or you may not have been interested. Our Buyer has agreed to increase the offer and I have included the details below for your consideration.
Increased Offer Amount: $2,000 USD (Buyer pays all broker/listing fees)
Please let us know if this offer is acceptable or if you have a different asking price in mind, I would like to update our Buyer ASAP…
Honestly I didn’t receive their first email–I looked everywhere but I have no idea what happened to it.

Still, $2k is a solid offer for a .us domain, of all things.

I wrote the broker back saying I appreciated the offer, and that it was not unreasonable, but that I was looking for closer to $4k. In the end I told the GoDaddy rep that I was willing to sell for $3500, and that I was just fine holding the domain for another year or two until I received an offer closer to what I would be willing to sell for."

Just read the bold and italics bit and you see how this user negotiated! It is amazing how you can push the other party in your direction just by having the right words in the conversation and the way you communicate!

Here is a link to the post for your reference


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