How Will a Chinese Economic Hard Landing Impact Domain Investors?


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I’ve taken a great deal of interest in the Chinese economy of late and I’ve written a number of articles that outline how everything is not so good in the dragon nation. Debt continues to skyrocket, GDP is levelling off and there appears to be stockpiles of commodities that are unused. So how is this all going to impact domain investors?

CNBC published an article, “Moody’s raises worries over China loans as Communist party paper calls debt load ‘original sin’”. Within the article, influential investors Kyle Bass and George Soros warn of a credit crisis in China, with Bass noting the presence of “ticking time bombs” in China’s banking system.

What really struck me about the article was the second video where an independent economist, Andy Xie, suggests that China’s real bad loan situation is closer to 20% and not the 1.5% being reported. He then went on to say that over half the loans relate to property and that all across the country buildings empty and that they are being traded like gambling chips. Everyone is hoping that someone else will pay more for the assets.


Check out this extremely informative article here
"Everyone is hoping that someone else will pay more for the assets." Then China is condemned to sit idle waiting his own economic demise?

China’s overall debt is 280% of GDP!!. 16% of China’s top 1,000 firms owed more in interest than they have earned before tax. Yikes!

They certainly have a nice backup sitting there in their reserves (around $3 trillion) but It will be enough to counter the debt?. At least there is some opportunities for bargain sales. In this market there will be domains available that can be purchased extremely cheap and later sold at an enormous profit.
Like hoarding bitcoins, but with better chances of a successful outcome.


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