How to Valuate a / value ?


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During the recent times especially after december 2007 the demand for three letter .com's fallen like anything ...

I know estibot but i dont believe the same for .in prices, professional domain valuation consultants will always there to help. Apart from that is there any other ways.
I want to how to evaluate the .in domain prices..any inputs in this regard are highly appreciable.

cheers King

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for LLL.ins:
1.amount of type-in traffic
2.# of meaningful acronyms
3.exact searches on
4.absence or presence of semi/non-premium letters in the LLL combination.

These are my 5 criteria generally for determining the value of an


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Thanks Warbux , I am also doing the valuation on the same i got confidence that i am doing in a right way...

One more question..

'absence or presence of semi/non-premium letters in the LLL combination'

What are the semi/no-premium alphabets?

I believe X,Y,Z ,Q - Non Premium
J,u,V,G - semi premium

can you confirm my understanding... King

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Yes, X,Y,Z,Q can be described as non-premium,BUT, it also matters how the LLLs combine. For example, i picked up,, and even though they have Qs in them, they make for some meaningful acronyms IMO, so i would call them semi-premium in that situation at worst. its all about the overall combination of the 3 Ls in the LLL. Having 1 semi-premium/non-premium is not an automatic doomer of your, and people need to stop getting carried away by just the quality of a letter in the combination. its about the whole combination.


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I agree with you warbux , I have a domin named , but in reality its returning good money when compare to rest of the domains in my portfolio.
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for LLL.ins:
1.amount of type-in traffic
2.# of meaningful acronyms
3.exact searches on
4.absence or presence of semi/non-premium letters in the LLL combination.

These are my 5 criteria generally for determining the value of an

Like to add one more point:

--> If the name is an actual common English word


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Very interesting question Corey.

A little contribution: I know that Chinese like NNN (.com en general, but why not .in in the future?), and they have particular relations to numbers. Some of them are lucky numbers, and other ones are unlucky.

Here are some interesting info:

A second point: (IMHO :)) I don't like very much NNN that begin with 0 or 00, because when you handwrite a number begining with 0 or 00, you don't write them.

To finish, like for LLL, I think that repeating numbers tend to increase the memorability, and thus the value of your NNN.

Hope this help, and other opinions are welcome. King

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Pros of NNN.ins:
-Very low supply(only 1000 of them)
-Will command a higher price than the average if sold to an end user
-Has a full buyout in place
-Average price will rise sharper and faster than lll.ins.

Cons of NNN.ins:
-Has niche demand(how many people discuss websites and whats active on them? few people. why? because NNNs have niche demand. The buyer knows the specific,special reason he needs the
-numbers are not as popular and perverse as letters so NNN.ins sometimes lives in the shadow of lll.ins.

These are my main thoughts about nnn.ins. If for any reason, take advantage of the basic economic principle of demand and supply. With only 1000 nnn.ins possible, that is a very limited,vanished supply. The prices will never go down. Jump in if possible.We have easily taken worser gambles in life.


well 9i9 is nice on the key board so i hope it's worth keeping. I get a lot of china traffic on another one i have, 1a1 ,so they might be lucky numbers. However it does seem that most of the number-letter LLL .com's are taken up, so someone thinks they have value.


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You can value them according to Google keyword searches per month.
For example:
keyword= kyb
Global monthly searches= 301000
Local monthly searches at following country
India= 1600
US= 74000
UK= 33100
I don't have other countries report as there are so many countries.
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if you don't know that kyb is a keyword lack of keyword research knowledge.
Then try to get some knowledge from google keyword evaluate.
Use the Keyword Tool at your Google Adwords Account if you have.
If don't have a google adwords account what can I say?

ok you may think I was saying kyb is a keyword as I have
But I can let you know other keyword like this which I don't own.
Keyword: hyo
Global monthly searches: 673,000
This is according to Google.
I'm not saying it on my own.
You may check this out by yourself at google adwords.

If anyone want to evaluate their domain names keyword value(as per Google) can pm me.
This service is given as free for only domain names
(*Note: I won't help to evaluate other than domains)

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Okay if "kyb" and "hyo" are key words, what do they mean? something in urdu? Who would be searching for these words on the internet and why?
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