How To Make A Sale Even If Your Auction Doesn’t Sell At Flippa

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    "So this post is going to be brief but it is in regards to another cool feature that Flippa offers for their auctions.
    Let’s face it, sometimes when you put an auction up it doesn’t sell.

    This probably happens more often than not.

    At times, you may have lots of interested people and other times you barely get any auction views and fail to sell your domain name. In most cases and with other platforms, you simply can relist your domain name…and hopefully this time it sells.

    But Flippa offers something pretty unique…

    Unless I am mistaken, Flippa seems to be one of the only websites that lets you negotiate with people who were interested in your auction via “watchers”.

    How cool is that?

    Well let me tell you, it’s pretty cool because I was able to land a sale from this strategy a few days ago."

    Read the article here