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Hello all, newbie here in the world of domain config and hosting...

I have registered my domain with as per suggestions from forum members here and its going good.

Now, I want to route this domain to my host ( using DNS settings. Mitsu allows either to configure DNS or nameservers (that what I think, maybe I'm wrong), but I want to setup email with google apps standard, so wanna learn how to link my domain to host using DNS settings.

My domain IP is (byethost), I'm not sure, but I read that I need to add A record or something like that. Couldnt find clear answer anywhere

When I click "Add A record" in mitsu control panel, it asks for following things:

Host Name :
Destination IPv4 Address * : _______________
TTL * : _______________ seconds (28800 is already thr in the box)

Please help configure this thing !!

Your Support ticket is already replied ? For all other also see this :

If your domain is pointed to our NS server (i.e. and others) then you can use our FREE DNS services to setup MX and Cname setting to use for Google Application setup and by pointing A record ip you can use webhosting services of any third party.

you can refer this link:

If you are using any third party NS then all these setting you require to do at the host service provider.



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Thank You sir for the reply here as well. I have received your email for the same, thanks.

So, as in my case:

I will add the A record with following details:

Host Name : <--will leave it blank
Destination IPv4 Address * :
TTL * : 86400 seconds

Correct me if I'm wrong, I have doubt only about A record, and can configure Google Apps on my own.

Also, I have one more doubt that as you said that setting up DNS records should be done by experts only, does messing up there can have any serious consequences? Or, the only thing that can happen is site may remain down for some time due to DNS propogation? If so, I'm fine with it, because I'm learning by trail and error and also I havent developed my site yet, its still under construction.

Anyway, thanks :)

NOTE: I'm discussing this topic here because I thought it may help some else as well having same kind of doubt. Otherwise, I have received help from Mitsu within an hour via email as well.
1. Host name for A record should be two .... first one keep blank and second one with www, so your domain can resolve with both with www and without www.

Some host count www as subdomain so they donot allow to resolve www on same ip so in that case just set www record at Cname and point the same to without www value.

2. If you set conflicting records in MX and CName then you may not get emails properly or may have problem in sending the email.
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