How to find the right products to sell


What is the best way to find the right products to sell for a website in your particular niche? Is there some process that one can use to decide or is it just a matter of choosing whatever comes along?


I'm having a hard time understanding your question. If you mean choosing advertisers to put on your site, you just keep the ads relevant to the point of your site.


Actually I meant whether to choose digital information products or physical products, for example - whether to sell courses and ebooks and stuff like that or to sell tee shirts, physical books and things of that nature.
Hello everybody!
I am a trade business owner from Riga, Latvia (Europe), currently I am looking for some new trade partners from all over the world to provide our consumers with new and interesting products.
If you are selling (or willing to sell) anything what qualifies for European union standards, I would be happy to review your products. So as if you are willing to sell in your region European origin products . I can advice and get you very competitive wholesale prices for almost everything (Now concentrating on food & beverage items) to start your import business whenever you are located.
I’ll be happy to discuss what is demanded by consumers in our regions and what we can Import or Export to make some profit. I have many ideas and I look forward to establish new connections from different countries. I look forward to build long lasting cooperation with people who run their businesses or just thinking about becoming entrepreneurs.


Nothing like knowing our audiences. When we know who we are targeting, we will know what products or services to make available to them.

What are you trading @Birla?


I would suggest going with digital information products because there is no handling or shipping or inventory. Also no overhead plus the profits are huge compared to physical products.


Thanks for the responses guys. I also did some research and I've finally made up my mind that digital publishing is the way to go.


I think the right product is something you prefer to sell and there are people who wish to buy that. So it's combination of two. There may be instances where you have something but no customer wants to buy it. This makes it harder for you to sell. Digital publishing option is a good one if you choose to develop your brand with content marketing.


I would want to sell something that has a hungry market and is also ethical. For instance, in regards to demand, I know that web hosting sells. However, on the other hand, cheap traffic might not, mainly because the audience is very cynical.

Anyway, in regard to ethics, I might not want to sell cheap traffic, even though I can, simply cause I know it's a bunch of garbage. Also, if I was selling a more legit product, then I'd want to be more honest with my ads.
In trying to find the right products to sell, you should first determine what type of products you are going to sell. Of course, there are physical products and there are digital products. So, if you are eager to sell fast, then you should consider specializing in hot selling products like computer accessories, phone accessories, smartphones, iphones, ipad, tablets, etc.

Other hot selling products that will go away fast are products like cosmetics, baby care products, and the likes. Digital products that sell most online are Domain Name, Web Hosting, Affiliate Program, etc.
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Baby products sell very well indeed, but we need to establish a trust base, but if we are talking about clothing it's certainly a good idea.


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