How to Approach an End User?
It seems these people can't be helped.

well i am actually thinking to develop my

In the end end its all about Supply and Demand. Either sell for pennies today or wait for the demand to pick up which i guess would require an investment of another 50 dollars to renew the domain for the next 5 years.
To sell domain name is not easy as it seen, this is nice method to reach your potential end user by following this technique and method.
Really a heplful article!!
I love it!!

I do think that selling .IN domains at a good price (and by good, I mean the price it deserves) is quiet a difficult task.
People don't realize the value behind them!!
Use whois data to get email ids related to your domain names. After that politely write email to end user about domain name for sale. And tell about domain listed in domain auction site. This tells indirectly to buyer of domain name to buy or anyone will buy that domain name. Thanks
Most people like to buy .com domain names. Therefore as a domainer we would buy .com names is the best option to save our money.
This is really great information. I know that I'm going to have to look into that more so that I can use some of those.
Great insight and knowledge on dealing with end users.. To me dealing with people requires making them comfortable so when they feel so, they will be more cooperative to you..
Just wanted to add one tip to this which would be making a logo and building out the website to make it appealing to potential buyers. It's very easy to get a custom logo made as well, any one of these 3 methods would work -


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