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I think it will be useful if we share advice and tips about how to approach and deal with a potential end user for a domain that we own. Here are a few resources that I came across:

Domain Sale to an End User

Writing General End-User Emails

Domain Sales: Marketing and Finding an End User

If you're contacted directly be someone who is interested in one of your domains, then the following article offers some guidance:

Dealing with Email Enquiries for Your Domains

Do you have any advice that you'd like to share?
Some really good tips here and a good way for domainers to increase their income.
this is wonderful resource .. thank you very much for this kind of info. I will try it out.

PS. I would love to see more kind of Email template send to end-user(s).
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did you get the sample letter? would like it too. just a quick question, anyone sells at moniker? looking for some feedback
Jeff - Good Luck. Do you mind sharing a sample letter that you sent to the buyer please?


I mostly use what was suggested by DotWeekly, as that is what made most sense to me. I try to customize each email depending on the domain and the particular enduser. Here is a sample:

Email Subject: is for Sale

Dear XXXX (do your best to direct this to the proper person),

The domain is for sale.

[paragraph setting out the asking price and how to purchase - something like this]

The current buy it now price for is $xxxx. You can visit the domain name's listing page here which is a 3rd party listing service that I like to offer as they handle domain payment, transfer of the domain name to your account and safety and security for both parties. Alternatively, I also use an escrow service ( which also handles all of the above if that is easier for you.

[paragraph setting out reason why they should purchase the domain. Ideally, tailor it to the specific company. Otherwise, here is something pretty generic.]

The reason behind our asking price is due to the generic nature of the domain name that matches very well with what people search for and know already. On the internet, it is Key to have a domain name that matches what people already search for and know, is clear and easy to spell, makes sense and is to the point. is all this and more.

I look forward to working with you and if you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask.

Best Wishes,

As I said, I'm just starting to try this out, so I'm sure there is scope for improvement with this letter.
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just a quick question, anyone sells at moniker? looking for some feedback

Moniker now uses the SnapNames platform. I think that SnapNames only sells .com, .net, .org, .info and perhaps .biz - no cctlds. I think you also need to have your domain at Moniker to use the service.

There are pros and cons. SnapNames seems to have a dedicated group of buyers who don't buy elsewhere - so you get the opportunity to put your domains in front of a different set of eyeballs. The process of a sale is very smooth - unlike with most other sites. You can start an auction any time, the auction lasts however long you want it, and can have any reserve.

On the other hand, the commission is 20%, which I think is pretty high. Also, your domain gets lost in a large crowd - they don't have a very intuitive interface, and it almost seems like luck if your domain gets noticed. Finally, I think that they ask for an exclusive listings - so while your domain is listed there, you can't be selling it elsewhere.

All in all, it's definitely worth trying SnapNames.
Jeff - Thanks very much for the sample letter, much appreciate it.

On the moniker and snapnames front, it is really a pain and quite tidieous process i think. Looks like you have to transfer domain names to moniker only then it allows you to add/sell at namespro. Aren't moniker expensive to transfer domain names?
I keep most of my gTLD domains at Moniker anyhow, so it wasn't a pain.

If you're not already using Moniker, I don't think it would be worth the trouble to transfer domains there just to list them for sale on SnapNames.
I have already listed my domain names in snapnames but it is not accepting for sale, it says rejected as it expects the domain to be in moniker if you sync both your accounts snapnames and monikers
Jamie of DotWeekly has put together a sales page for his domain I think it should give people a good idea about the kind of things they can include in a letter to end users: Domain Name is For Sale

So why do YOU need to own It's not because I said so, it's because you NEED to! Here is why:

We all would love our company names to be known by millions of people. Not only known, remembered!

The fact is, it doesn't happen very often unless Millions and or Billions of dollars are spent!

How many people that are looking to purchase or own a Hand Trowel know where to go if they would like to order one? How about Reorder?

Oh, I know... company XYZ embosses the company name XYZ on the Hand Trowel... that would make it easy for a customer to reorder, purchase another or easily tell a friend where to get a matching Hand Trowel?

No! No! No! No!

What if company XYZ owned and embossed onto it's Hand Trowel product? Do you think your customer would know where to go to reorder, purchase another or easily tell a friend where to get the same product? The answer is YES!!!! Free advertising? Think how many job sites are around this world with a Hand Trowel laying around or being used by somebody. Think anybody would notice on the handle? Hell yah, it's like a mini billboard! 24/7, 365 days a year! The same way a website works, world wide!

I know it seems so simple, but it is really simple!

If a person has a Hand Trowel in there hand, what slaps them in the face more then ! NOTHING!! Nothing is more easy, clear and WILL give you returning customers to find exactly what they are looking for all at One Place.!

Not convinced yet?

Hundreds or maybe even Thousdands of companies from Big to Small make a Hand Trowel. How many can own the domain name One! That's it, just one!

Do you want one of your competitors to be advertising or embossing on it's trowels? I know I wouldn't want that, because it's going to equal lost sales for the company that doesn't!

I could go on and on about how people use Direct Navigation on the web while looking for a product, or how it's more likely that somebody will click on an Ad if it matches exactly what a company is advertising! I could go on that it's a fact that everyday Joe's will remember instead of company XYZ and where to get the product....

Do not want to build a new site for this simple idea because you already have a site made for your company and or product? No problem! Domain Name Forwarding is simple and nearly always FREE at the domain name registrar. The basics on domain name forwarding.. when somebody types in, it can automatically send them to a specfic exsisting page on your website like

Ready to purchase? We want the transaction to be safe as well and that's why we are offering for sale with a third party service that handles domain payment and the transfer of the domain name into your account. You will have full ownership of and be the sole owner of the domain name. You can use either or . Just click which one you would like to use and it brings you to's listing page to get started.
There is a really useful sticky thread on how to approach an enduser over at namepros. It is very long - something like 40+ pages.

Look for the threads by JoshuaPZ. He has posted several template letters including the initial approach, transfer policy and if the buyer asks why the domain is priced so high.
Good conversation can be the key to have a good deal in end users. Approach them nicely to be able to close a deal, don?t be too rude.


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