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Just about every website uses Google Analytics to track visitors. It’s important for improving your website by analyzing site visitor behavior.

Google Analytics is a free website tracking service designed to give you statistics about website traffic, conversions, user behavior, and more.

For instance, here are some of the things Google Analytics tracks:

  • Pageviews. The number of individual pages any site visitor clicks on during their session.
  • Sessions. The number of unique site visitors that come to your website.
  • Session Duration and Pages Per Session. How long a site visitor stays on your website before leaving and how many web pages they visited during their session.
  • Traffic Source. The origin of your site visitors – organic search (SEO), paid search, social media, referrals (aka backlinks), and direct traffic.
  • Goals or Conversions. How many site visitors complete a specific action on your website (e.g. how many people subscribed to your newsletter).
  • Bounce Rate. How many site visitors come to one webpage on your website and immediately leave.
In addition, Google Analytics incorporates into their service an intuitive dashboard, complete with all of your site’s metrics, segmentation capabilities for analyzing groups, custom reports for managing specific metrics, email-based sharing and communication ability, and integration with other Google products like AdWords.

Why You Should Use Google Analytics
Google Analytics serves as a useful digital marketing tool for monitoring how effective your online marketing strategies are, what type of content your target audience is drawn to, what pages may be affecting your site’s bounce rates, how your website is performing, and what the overall user experience is like for site visitors.

In short, Google Analytics measures:

  • Who. Who visits your website, where are they located geographically, and what are the general demographics?
  • What. Once on your website, what do site visitors do, how long do they stay, and when do they leave?
  • Where. Where are the majority of your site visitors coming from? Google search results, Google paid ads, social media networks, other websites, and direct visits are the top places.
  • When. When are site visitors most likely to visit your website in terms of days of the week, times of day, etc.
  • Why. Find out why site visitors bounce when they do. Or, why your email list not converting? Lastly, why are people not interacting with your webpages?

Here is a complete way on how to set up Google Analytics for your website
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