How much can I ask for these LLL.IN???
Unless these domains have a special meaning or traffic, these types of names don't seem to be doing too well at the moment.

It looks like these domains were just renewed, so I'd say about $5 + reg fee or about $20 each.

IMHO, they're not worth selling right now - I'd hold on to them - I think they'll do well in the long run.
As Jeff said, the LLL domains aren't doing too well right now -- I'd think that you'd be able to get maybe $40-$50 for each one if you found the right buyer, though.
Like the gentlemen above, I would too say that these domains aren't of any huge value unless you find the right customer. If you are really willing to join this business, I suggest you create a blog where you keep list and track of all your domains and keep on buying good domains.

This way you shall have a permanent online list and then you can forward it to the potential customers. This would be seen as much better presentation.
I don't find any real great value of these domains. They are short and sweet but apart from that there is nothing special.

Like natureguy I would suggest you to create an online list and put your domains on auction sites for best offer!


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