How long to develop business website?


How long would you say it takes for someone who isn't skilled to learn about developing a business website and to implement what they have learned if they are starting from scratch?


Based on that question alone, I would say 6 months. Add on the question of when that site will be profitable, I would have to say 1 year.


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Do you mean perhaps attending classes or just learning on their own? It's difficult to place a duration because I think everyone is different. Passion is the driving force behind everything we do and the absence of it definitely spells doom.


I understand what you mean about everyone being different, but assuming that the person was learning at a normal pace, I guess six months does make sense, doesn't it?


I started learning from scratch about how to create your own website and generate traffic, and it's been over a year and I'm still learning. Of course I'm implementing everything I'm learning so it's not really the same.


This kind of business is one where you have to learn continuously in order to keep up with the ever changing industry technology. I think that 6 months would be sufficient time to just get the basics down.


What type of business website? If it is a one page site for a local business, then they should be able to get it in a week or so, especially if they pay for a hoster who has a site-builder. If they want e-commerce and sales, then there's the issues with security, third party merchants, design etc, and six months seems appropriate if they are coming to it completely fresh.


You seem to know a lot about this, Mallard. I've only ever learnt what I needed for the one type of site that I'm running. I've never thought about how it might be different from ecommerce sites and other business websites.


I think business and business website both are ongoing process. And you can't have set it and forget it type of solutions. If there were to be any, it'd not be making much money for sure. I suggest working with your site on seasonal basis. This way you can update with any changes in your business.
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