How long did the last buyout last ?


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I know there was a previous buy out ... How long did it last ?

Did it seem to sustain like this one ?

Back then what were going for on reseller boards ? More than now I assume.

I have no problems where the market is at, really I don't. I did sell a couple (what I consider premium) names for low $xxx each which isn't what I wanted but it was also clearly to a reseller.

I am just curious - do you think starting reg fee at normal annual rate will increase value of names ? Do you think it will make it harder to sustain the buyout ?

I have heard people say new buyers are entering the market and have seen that myself, but I am wondering if this is "Big Boys" of the game or just newer people entering as I did, mid range investors who have high hopes this investment pays my daughter's college education :)

Anyways, just curious as to thoughts on the length the buyout has lasted, if it lasted this time, and predictions for the next 12-24 months for names. Shame my renewal for a bunch is in a few months again lol .. I know I just spent $2,000 ++ renewing names a couple months ago lol


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Difficult to remember all the details you are asking about.

I think if you have all premium letters you'll do well. I wouldn't be as confident about non-premium ones.

One thing I've noticed is that the market is much more volatile than the rest of the .in market - which is a plus or minus depending on your goals.


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TY Jeff ...

I know what you are saying about so many details. I'm hoping if people post a little here and there about what they remember we can get a good discussion going here. Obviously non premiums aren't going to go as well. I see the volatility you mention - and it has been going on for a while.

I am still blown away went for so little and to such a large company at that price.

Any discussion as to trends in the market would be welcome here - we are here to share, learn, and grow as individuals. This forum is good for that if you network in private, I would like to see a little of it come to light in public - in this thread. Some of the people with the knowledge, sharing it - not enough to hurt their business but some basic input.


It is up to the seller, if he needs money, he would give away any domain for low price.
Yes, 2000 for was a bargain. I think the guys at ToI are still laughing about this deal.


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I don't fully agree with your comments on premium/non-premium letters. Premium letters is a domainer concept. An end-user has no idea of what is a premium/semi-premium/bad letter.

Premium are doing well here on domainers forums, but if you look at 2011 sales, there is no correlation between the price and the letters (source NP):

HIK $3,602
LOR $1,035
TTA $1,600
IFL $1,370
GRL $6,850
ZED $3,220
Zed $3,391
Pof $2,500
BMS $1,500
Yob $1,300
Alv $2,130
Vod $2,100
Cha $2,000
Seo $18,500
Bsb $7,750
Day $2,000
Typ $3,000
Hot $4,605 is triple premium for instance, but I really prefer to target end-users. And to my mind, if you target end-users, the buyout has no importance, since it's also a domainer concept. If a company needs a specific LLL, they will not take another one because it's available.

I'm more concerned about the Indian perception of acronyms. Is it a developped concept in India? Well established?

What is the number of companies in India? How many of them use an acronym? Can we compare to Germany, or GB where LLLs are going well?

How much time between the buyout, and a real increase of the prices even for domainers, even for non-premium letters (for, it took 5 years, I will copy below a post I wrote on this topic, on another forum)?
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Some domainers are comparing the current state of the .in market, to the state of the .com market in 1998/1999. Only the state of the market! Not the potential (I'm not comparing the value of .in and .com names).

I think it's a good comparison, especially for market. Indeed, the buyout occured early 2000 (Domain Name Buyout Date & Future Expectation Buyout Date - With the increasing value that everyone know (impacted by the crisis, yes...), cf. the chart below (data come from a very well known website, dealing with 3 characters prices...). As you can see, reseller value reached $1000 in 2005, so 5 years after the buyout. In the first year(s) after the buyout, the prices were (I think, since I was not in domaining at this date) in the range high XX, low XXX. Like are/will be in a few months: just check domainers sales for triple premium/good double premium...

All this post to say that, yes, getting a good ROI with takes a long time. But I think it's a very good investment, especially in a country associated to an English speaking nation with ~8% growth, with a lot of IT oriented business, and a population around 1 200 000 000...

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