How healthy is .asia?


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How healthy is .asia? Are sellers getting good prices for .asia domains?

I ask because someone is selling a lot of .asia domains at this moment on (R 1 PR1 iPhone established website 93 FREE domain name bidding expires somewhere about 10AM India time on February 5). The domains will expire in March, so will require renewal (at about US$20 per year each). Some of the domains look good at first glance, but only if .asia is robust.

I put in a ridiculously low bid , which has not met reserve. Someone with enough capital might appreciate this batch. If you're interested and you get the lot for a decent price, all I ask is that you remember where you found out about it.


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I don't know much about .asia, but from what I've read recently .asia domains are currently selling quite low. Two examples are mentioned here in the comments section:

Buy.ASIA recently sold at a re-auction for only $11,000 (and most people would probably consider that an extremely attractive domain).

Gold.ASIA sold at the initial auction for $46,602.
The winning bidder apparently did not pay, so the domain was re-auctioned about 1 week ago.
This time around the domain went for only $9,500 (that is about 20% of the initial value…)

Although the article itself is dated May 2008, the comments quoted above were made in January 2009.
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Thanx for the data. The auction I mentioned in my first post gave the buyer 94 .asia domains for a single price. More than a dozen of these domains seemed to be very attractive to me. But the auction didn't attract bidders. I was the high bidder, but did not meet the reserve. This substantiates your observation that .asia is not a place to be for high money sales.


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.asia makes no sense. Better to stick to country codes that businesses really use.

It is practically impossible to sell a .asia domain - there's virtually no liquidity in the .asia market.


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I don't fully agree with some posts here (I am actually the one who provided the info on the recent auction prices for Buy.ASIA and Gold.ASIA in a different forum).
Please keep in mind that these were closed auctions at (i.e. if you did not apply for the domain before the Landrush in February '08, you can not participate). So the number of bidders is extremely limited, and these values do not reflect open market values.
It is true that there is very little liquidity in .ASIA domains at this time, and many .ASIA domains can be bought for little cost.
Remember the old saying: "Buy low, sell high"? Prices are low right now (the .ASIA TDL is very young, many sites are only in the early stages of development). I would actually consider this to be a good time to buy quality .ASIA domain names, because demand will increase once the current economic downturn comes to an end.
Let's face it: all the good .com domains are taken and often quite pricey.
.ASIA domains have a good intrinsic value due to the world markets they are representing, and due to great SEO capability.
Let me give you an example: Webdesign.ASIA is currently a simple landing page without real content, yet it is already on page ONE of Google search results for Webdesign Asia or Asia Webdesign. Just imagine where this domain will rank once somebody actually puts content on this site...?
Why are many major corporations developing .ASIA sites? Because they understand this intrinsic value of .ASIA domains. As more sites go up, they will register higher in the search engines, more people will see the domains, and demand will increase. At this time most people I talk to still have no idea the .ASIA TDL even exists.
So please think a little more carefully before concluding that .ASIA domains are not worth it...


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I think that the domain industry in general is experiencing a bad time due to the current financial crisis. I remember less then a year ago LLLL .com domains were selling in the high XX and now they can be bought for less then 20 dollars.


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I think that the domain industry in general is experiencing a bad time due to the current financial crisis. I remember less then a year ago LLLL .com domains were selling in the high XX and now they can be bought for less then 20 dollars.

That's very true unfortunately :(. I think we're going through deflation - the value of all assets is going down right now.

But some kinds of domains have been hit much worse than others - was probably the worst hit. .Asia also is doing much worse than most kinds of domains.


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