How GoDaddy “uses this one simple trick” to get 56,000 more registration years per month


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GoDaddy managed to rack up 56,000 extra years of .com registrations in June.

How? “Using this one simple trick!”

GoDaddy’s shopping cart defaults to a five-year registration period when you place a domain name in your cart. Most people switch this back to just one year, but some don’t. Whether they merely overlook this or decide it makes sense to register the domain name for five years, about 3.5% of new .com registrations at GoDaddy each month are for five years.

In June, for example, .com registry reports show that 3.48% of GoDaddy’s new .com registrations were for five years. Across all registrars, only 1.66% of new .com registrations had five-year terms.

GoDaddy had 26,750 five-year .com registrations in June. If it would have hit the registrar average, it would have had only 12,750. So that’s a difference of 56,000 registration years in one month, mostly by defaulting to a five-year registration period.

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A small trick and they bag immense registration years!
Looks like goDadddy hasn't changed its marketing tricks after all these years. Many years ago, when I was shopping for a domain registrar, I stumbled upon goDaddy. When I wanted to buy a domain name from them, I had to go through a path that was strewn with minefields. If I hadn't been careful, I would have ended up buying a lot of stuff which I didn't intend to buy. In the end, I aborted the buying process and bought from another company.
That depends on what you know about using a domain name. The goDaddy strategy is to line the path to the checkout point with so many offers which sound like they are all necessary to maintain a good domain. There are so many technical terms which are strange to newcomers yet sound so important. I don't think this is a fair way of getting people to buy more than what they need.


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