How does re-targeting work?


Can anyone please explain to me just exactly how re-targeting works when it comes to placing ads? I have seen this in action whereby I go to a certain website and then later while i', I notice that their ads are sort of 'following' me around the sites that I go to afterward.


They do that to me too. Companies seem to be tied in to Google somehow where they know where you're going online partly based on where you have been. I'm sure if you go into your Google account settings and go to the privacy section, you can somehow keep this from happening.


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I guess this is the same thing that happens say when you visit an online retail store then after leaving, you keep seeing ads from that site popping up elsewhere. It can be annoying at times but I guess it helps at times.


I think that would be great from a business person's point of view, but I can see how it might be extremely annoying for the person who is surfing the websites to keep seeing the same ad over and over again.


That is a great way of making sure that you catch all those visitors to your website who left without buying anything or opting into your list. If they already know about you then it should be easier second time around to try and get them as customers.
This is a very legitimate concern. ReTargeting does add value and we do track click-through and view-through conversions, allowing advertisers to attribute sales appropriately. Additionally, comparing historic conversion data with ReTargeted conversion data will give you a bit more insight into the actual magnitude of the campaign. Lastly, comScore recently put out a study showing that retargeting adds the biggest lift in a brand’s search, moreso than any other type of ad buy. With that said, it’s important to compare direct traffic to your site during a retargeting campaign with the direct traffic from before a retargeting campaign.


Re-targeting requires a pixel to be placed on your website or product page. And this pixel collects data such as IP address, facebook or social media login. And then that data chases the user and shows the ads which may be of their interest. For example if you visit toys R us and didn't buy anything then it will show ads of Toys R us on facebook till the point you make a purchase. That's pretty much how it works.
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