How Do I Find A Web Hosting Site With Free Domain Name Registration?

I have been blogging on a business-related topic since nine years, earning seriously from Affiliate Program and Google Adsense with the blog. I just recently thought of creating and managing a website of my own, although the blog I talked about here is already customized.

Because I realized that no matter how well a blog is customized, I gave it a second thought now to create a website of my own. Actually, I have been searching for a way to sign up for a cheap hosting account, but with a free domain name registration.

Are there web hosting sites offering free domain name registration like that on the internet? Can somebody recommend a site like this to me? I'll be so grateful.


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hi Pioneer, I suppose that If you have been a blogger for that long then you certainly Heard About wordpress? Try their Free trial and it the websites are cheap too Give it a try :) and good lucks.


Bluehost is a well known name and they offer free domain name for 1 year. They are among the cheapest web hosting companies as well, if I'm not mistaken.

eHost seems to be another great hosting company, although I haven't tried it myself. They are among the cheapest as well, but in their case you get free domain for lifetime.


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