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Hi Domainers,

I have been investing on and off in domain names for the past two years. I got serious about domain investing at the start of the current year. Beginners' luck got me some sales. I was over the moon and you can guess the result; i just lost all my money in hand registering stupid domains.

I was desperate to learn about domain investing in a scientific manner. I knew about DNAcadmey, but, the price tag of $499 was a bummer. I, therefore, went for free education - NamePros and DomainSherpa. After going through the websites for a couple of weeks, I knew I was lost in a jungle. Don't get me wrong. These websites are the gold standard for learning about domain investing thanks to some greats including Bob Hawks, Rohit Goyal, and many others. However, everything is scattered and is lost under a pile of years and years of posts and opinions. Sorting and determining which articles are read-worthy becomes very time-consuming and along this arduous task comes frustration (lots and lots of it) and then one tends to lose interest.

DNAcadmey was my last resort. I enquired about the course within my circle and looked up every possible review over the internet. Surprisingly, almost all the reviews were positive. I was partially convinced. So, I bought the course, and what a learning journey it was! I wish I had gone through the course before squandering my money. Whatever I learned in the first three modules was more than what I learned before.

The course is beautifully structured. It starts with the very basics and then digs inch by inch until there is nothing left to teach. The valuation modules and the auction simulator are just amazing. Additionally, as a member, you have access to some wonderful in-house tools and third-party tools like ZFBot, KW Finder for free. Not just that, you can create groups with fellow domainers and build your own network. However, it just has one major Con - lack of resources dedicated to folks that want to make money through outbound sales. Keep in mind, this is not exactly a letdown as the resources for outbound selling are easily available over the internet.

Leaving that flaw aside, it is a great investment and a MUST DO for anybody entering this industry. DNAcademy will save you lots of time and spare you the frustration. It will give you the armor and the sword to go and fight.

Kudos to MICHAEL for creating this gem of a course.


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i signed up for the DNAcademy Accelerator that starts February 1 - excited to give this a try.


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