How a 10-Year Journey Helped 2-Year-Old Company Become a Domain Monetization Darling

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A new Cover Story is out at If you follow pop culture you know that every now and then someone seems to come out of nowhere and capture people's attention - the proverbial overnight sensation. That actually happens in the domain business too - most recently with a new wave of domain monetization companies - most of which have been launched by people who are domain owners themselves.

One thing our field's "overnight sensations" have in common with many you've seen in the entertainment world is that it took years of experience and hard lessons learned to set the stage for their big breakthrough. The team behind Rook Media is a perfect example of that - the name is new but the players are battle tested veterans including six founders and a star free agent who have a combined 55 years of experience gained through time spent at four of the industry's best known monetization services (services they now compete head to head with). In our new Cover Story we will tell you who they are and how they did it. You can read all about it here: Rook's Rise: How a 10-Year Journey Helped 2-Year-Old Rook Media Become a Domain Monetization Darling


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