Earns 6 Figures to Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart: .Coms Sweep All But Two Entries

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The new weekly domain sales report is out at It's not unusual for .coms to dominate our weekly charts but they don't usually do it to the extent they did this week when they swept 20 of 22 entries on our latest all extension Top 20 Sales Chart (the extra spots resulted from a three-way tie for the final position).

We normally see 12-14 .coms on the Big Board with ccTLDs and non .com gTLDs taking the half-dozen or so slots that remain. This time out, the .coms, led by a 6-figure chart topper, ran the table on the first half of the leader board and didn't let up until a new gTLD broke up the shutout by taking the 17th spot with an $18,000 sale. One ccTLD also earned a place on the elite list. You can get all of the details here:


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Wow - that's a blast from the past. I do remember using it.


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