Hitting The Auction Block & “Experts” Predict it willl fetch> $30 Million


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According to, the domain name is going to be auctioned off at the World Travel Market, a conference for the international travel industry at London Excel on November 5.
According to unnamed “experts” the domain is about to “become the priciest domain name in history as it is auctioned for an estimated £20 MILLION”
Of course that is 20 Million British Pounds which equates to over $33 Million dollars at today’s exchange rates.
The story goes on to say the domain is owned by Breathe Luxury Limited and the domain is 16 years old.
According to Estibot the highest sale of any domain with containing the word Holiday was which sold in March, 2011 for either $80,790 or $50,000 (Estibot has the domain selling on Sedo on the same day for two different amounts), which sold for $36,685 in 2011, sold for $22,500 in 2008 and sold for $19,888 in 2007.

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Re: Hitting The Auction Block & “Experts” Predict it willl fetch> $30 Mil

are the selling domain only or domain+ online business. if its domain only its not gonna hit $30M.


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