Hold Your .IN Renewals - Promo On the Way

.IN renewals and new registration promo is coming very soon ... Please wait for further details expected date of start may be 26th January, 2013. Around 30% to 40% discount will be offered with longer period renewals and registrations.

If you cannot wait for details then call Mitsu for further details.
Full details are officially pass on to all registrars. Basic details are as under :

1. Promo is for all levels of .IN domains (i.e. .In and all third level .In).
2. Promo will run between 26th January to 15th March 2013 (We are first registrar to announce on our website).
3. This promo is for New Registrations and Renewals for Five Years and Ten Years Only.
4. Discounts are approx. 35% to 50% compare to current pricing.

Please wait as we are planning to give our lowest possible price to you all......
No ! this promo is for for five years and ten years only, and we strongly suggest all of you to go for 5 years term and for all transfers we will give one year term free, full details to follow.
Mitsu is starting Promo On 26th January Evening (UTC Time), we are surprised that none of the registrar announced the same ....... You can find details on our website tomorrow.

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but 5-10 year renewal is very long.I assume most domainers cant do that for most of their domains unless they have 10 or less domains.3 years would have been a better middle ground for everyone IMO.i dont plan on renewing any of my domains for 5-10 years out. just my 2 cents.
New Update :Same is delayed by further 24-48 hours. 27th/28th January, 2013

Reason : Lot of technical issues are coming in integration into our control panel particularly for resellers, as we donot have telescopic pricing for resellers so we have to give manually Renewal and Transfer promo.

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Status on this offer?
I think Godaddy has already started the offer for 289/yr for 5yr and 239/yr for 10yr
Promo Details are displayed on website. (Please read promo conditions carefully)

We have checked and found that NO registrar is offering renewal promo and the registrars who are offering only new registration promo they are charging .IN and .co.in at same price so ultimately they are not offering any discounts and their renewals pricing are also high (always check for such catch).


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