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Hello Guys,

I wish to develop this domain into a nice website that can bring in some green. I need a partner who knows Spain and its Mortgage business so we can make money together.

Basically I will pay the developer x% of rev share for x amount of years or I will take something that is proposed to me and work with interested parties.

Spanish market is good I saw it(keyword tool and also went to google.es and ran some searches, everything looks good prospects wise. This keyword has some power even in the Americas due to large Hispanic population.

Chime in and throw away the options at me, thank you.

BTW the "NameTrader, who has posted whatever for the last few days is gone!" Think of it as a report from warrior forum but free and 100% true nothing more.

Thank you and regards,


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Hi Nanda, great keyword! BTW do you think a .IN domain may have an branding/ranking issue with a Spanish term? I'd also love to hear what other members think about this.


Hi, thanks for the interest, I am not thinking big when it comes to websites, wishing to start small and organically grow based on performance. The numbers I’m aiming for can be achieved by just launching the website with no promotion at all. I say this by experience, If you have a clean site on a great domain, it just gets picked up by search engines.

I tested it over and over especially with .in and co.in , I already know how they perform when developed. With my dev plan SEO is eliminated when looking at numbers, but who doesn’t want more money? when we work together we will try to do everything perfect and only concentrate on great content and we won’t even bother to write meta description and keywords. I am not looking at extension, language or anything. To me a website is something that can be browsed, has content that is useful and nothing else (we’re talking basic information websites).

The numbers below are based on the minimum amount we can logically make not the maximum. The sky’s the limit, we’re just starting slow, then based on how we do we’ll revise the agreement increase/decrease the rev share etc. Revenue share in each and every case is based on what you bring to the table in the beginning and as we travel into the future.

I see it feasible in two ways,

1) Offer x% of rev share for x amount of time to the developer who develops the website, it’s basically the same way as a freelancer contract is negotiated.

Make a small website with news, numbers & resources related to Spanish mortgage & the refinancing industry. Then publish ads (anything available can go in here explore all avenues & means). To do this, it costs minimal $250 (only $250 because we only aggregate headlines, excerpts, charts etc & that's easy even one with a minimal knowledge with wordpress can do it using available modules, I did it myself before) and working with a freelancer. Total investment is a maximum $300 including the first years hosting and $50 thereafter. Not only can this site generate over $500 per year, any good site can. I have tested quite a few sites, it's all good, it works.

Above approach is because I am not a bank or someone offering real services, only someone who just knows a thing or two about the subject and wants to make some money doing a website about it.

2) Professionals & Corporations in the industry offering related products & services can partner with us and make it a real business. In this case every agreement will be unique and shares depend on who is bringing what to table and what is fair based on real wages and benefits charts in the industry.

I need help in both cases.

If you look at option 1, if I go to freelancer it costs me $250 and that's it. So If we get into a partnership with a developer how much do I pay him? well may be $750 3x more over 1 year 2 year or what do I do?

I would pay around 15 - 30% revenue share(paid out every month) after all expenses, to the developer I partnered with for about 5 years of time. Now let's say we launched the site and it starts making stable $100 per month, then in 5 years the site will make $5700 in total income.

Now let's deduct our expenses,

Cost of domain ownership = $10/year * 5 years = $50.00
Cost of web hosting = $50/year * 5 years = $250.00
Cost of office overheads for both parties = $150/year * 5 years = $750.00 (Man! we should spend less look at the 1st 2 values LoL)

Total costs = $1050.00

Now let’s look at the bottom line,

Total revenue generated = $5700.00
Total costs = $1050.00
Net Profit = $4650.00
Developer share = $697.00 @ 15% rev share which is the lowest.
Developer share = $1395.00 @ 30% rev share which is the highest.

Realistically speaking,

A freelancer makes a 1 time sum of $250.00
A developer partner makes a total sum (over 5 years) of any where between

$697.00 to $1395.00 over 5 years which is 178% more at 15% share and 458% more at 30% share.

All this while making only $100 a month, not bad for one site and it’s a start

***Taxes depend on your income bracket, it is not our business, we do ours and tell the government that we paid X amount to you if we do.

I think of both freelancers and developers as the same, but the only catch is they will make 15% rev share as a developer. If they want to act and behave like freelancers (still making more over time) up to 30% when they bring something new to the table or an added value to existing development plans we have in place. Developers also will be taking care of minor maintenance and updates as needed over the term of the contract. NDA’s will be in place for either parties.

Advantage of partnering with Bharat Internet is we’ll have a huge footprint in the Indian Market and will have a respectable presence worldwide. Working with us part time or full time is the developers preference. Working together creates more opportunities and income streams for developers whether they are amateurs or professionals. Math doesn’t lie and those numbers are real. If a partnership is not working out, we can part ways, improve and retry or dump this project altogether and just try another one.

The sites I’m trying to develop personally can be put together with very little effort. A single developer can develop multiple websites on different domains increasing the chances for making more money. Creating great websites for a company like Bharat Internet will definitely help you and your families while also adding a cool little addition to your resume.

Trying new things in new ways will be like resharpening/refreshing the skills of any developer, another thing is we have no tight deadlines to meet, getting fired blah blah blah. It will all be done in a relaxed and leisurely way no rush. Catch is end product can be simple but useful and free of clutter.

I will personally work on projects that fall under the 1st option, because that’s what I’m capable of, We’re a start up with a set of premium domains targeting India and the World. We will get into selling products & services later, 1st we want to develop some great information websites. Then we’ll expand into eCommerce and other services using the exposure from all other Public service & Information websites. We need to generate money to survive, sustain and excel. I decided to go this way.

When you cannot become a brand alone (think of the odds!), become one with many premium generic domain names and a big network of websites built on them serving people nonstop. That said a single developed site like hipoteca .in will also make minimum $100/month without any brand power only on random traffic (multiple sources).

Any upcoming projects we have that needs considerable investment and fall under option 2, I have people working and will not deal directly, if I get any proposal on this forum I will pass it on to the concerned. If you qualify, I look forward to working with you. REMEMBER: “ 99% of success is failure “

Last but not least my mission is to offer my programs to those who are in need with lot of skill & Talent and not those, who think they are everything and not those who think why work and help someone become rich when “I can do it all for myself!ââ‚ I will explore the Internet corner to corner to find those who are in need, I’m sure there are many, but If nobody is in need, I could not be happier.


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