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According to this press release, a Hindi version of WordPress has been launched by Outshine Solutions, an Indian IT company.

Pratyush from Outshine Solutions says "We found that there was a lack of high-quality content in Hindi and there is not any blogging site that provides flexible writing in Hindi. We feel that many bloggers want to write their blog in Hindi but lack of this facility they could not write their blog as they want. As far as our knowledge and information goes this is the first time that a company is launching a fully functional interactive software in Hindi for the Indian people,"
The WordPress India website is all Hindi to me. ;)

Does anyone intend to try out the Hindi version?


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stumbled this post through google.
I don't think it violates trademarks of wordpress as it promotes wordpress. There are many sites like that.if you just check their codex.


I think it is fine as long as you don't make anything in english or compete directly with wordpress or make commercial projects. :)

BTW: Does US Trademark hold good in India :)

I could not test it because it required invite code to register.
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I came across an interesting discussion about WordPress trademark usage. It may just be a matter of time before we see the owners of the WordPress mark become more aggressive about protecting their trademark.

BTW: Does US Trademark hold good in India

From what I understand, it's possible for a US trademark owner to obtain common law trademark rights in India if that mark is known/marketed to the public in India.

Note: if India still plans to become a party to the Madrid Protocol, it will soon become easier for international trademark owners to receive protection in India.
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i dont think wordpress actually has any trademark.. for the re-distribution license of downloadable software.
i checked uspto site and got info that wordpress name and its logo are trademark and even the distributable software is trademark, but the license for re-distibutable software is in gnu gpl.. this is the weakest point of all.
because its actual re-distribution license is GNU GPL which only states that people are free to copy and distribute any derived/modified versions of this gnu gpl software as long as:
1>they do not charge money for the derived work
2>they also submit the same copy of original gnu gpl license along with their software distribution
if any of the above is violated then GPL license can be enforced by the owners of wordpress via GNU community and it can be filed even in india as gnu gpl is the only free-software license that is extremely powerful and works almost in every country.. even the arab nations as in past we have seen many victories in gpl claims on internet and out of which the majority of them won despite the fact it was on a different country than the original software developer who owned the gpl license & the accused.

and the GNU GPL License as it is.. it has nothing to protect a domain name or brandname like wordpress or its code from being re-named & re-distributed... yes you can not just re-distribute, but also rename the gpl software before your re-distribute your own modified version of it.

this is one of the reason's why php,drupal,joomla and now even smf switched their license from gnu gpl to their own version of copyright and trademark & re-distribution license. wordpress has still time to get their own re-distribution license file made before they could enforce any thing.

but 1 tip & warning i can give is that "wordpress india" cannot use the same logo.. this is where they violate the trademark and can be easily sued for that.

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