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Well, I'm a few days late with this but then again, I've been told I'm always a day late and a dollar short.

I'm Jack D. Started domaining in 2004 back when Hand Regging great dropped domains was still possible. Was pretty successful at it until circumstances caused me to stop in 2008. Started again in 2015 so my portfolio in fairly new now. I do not anticipate making any $100,000 sales. I'm satisfied with selling 10 domains a month for $500 each. Up till now mostly been involved with .coms and .nets. I see great potential in the .in market and I am here to learn from you pros. So I'm listening... and watching....

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Welcome Jack. You are correct .in has good prospects for the future. But the best .in names your money can by today(names that other domainers also want or will want). Good luck!


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