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This is Tarun from new Delhi,India. I am a newbie domainer and internet marketer looking forward to make a career in this industry.. I want say hi to everyone in this group and i am looking forward to learn from this group. Thanks to people who suggsted me about this site.

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately i donot have any .in domains. I am new player in this arena. I want to learn basics first and want to understand how this buisness/industry works. Would you like to share any tips?

Welcome @tarunbdj

You are at the right place to learn! IN addition to good advice from Jeff, please do not (at least initially) "make" your own market or trends. Accept the trends you see in the market and work with that. Best of luck.
i appreciate all the domainers for very prompt response. as you are at right destination to learn as our mates suggested, good luck.
Welcome @tarunbdj to the forum.

As Jeff said, do a lot of reading before you make your initial investments.
There are a number of educational threads here. Go through them, learn and then start investing.

I wish you all the very best!


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