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Hello friends, i am new here. My name is Irfan but my friends call me Isaac. I am very frank person and i love to make friends and i hope i will make many friends here. I am new to domain industry and i hope to learn here from experts. I also want to thank Jeff for that sweet welcome message.


welcome irfan , I think you'll like being a part of the INFORUM.in community . this is a dedicated group of domainers who have an interest in indian domains ( myself included ) , i've been away for awhile but I'm back . a lot of information can be found on the threads & if you cant find an answer to a question you might have just ask & someone will usually respond . I love this website , the people here are kind , friendly & helpful for the most part , & sometimes you'll find a thread that will make you laugh . i've decided that indian domains will be a focus for me ( I love the ccTLD's anyway . ) instead of bouncing around domain extensions like a lot of domainers do I've decided to concentrate on just a few ( indian domains , .com , .net & a few others ) . anyway I really think you will like it here & like me you will find yourself coming back again & again ,lol...... alot of information , alot of smart domainers , alot of advice & alot of fun . anyway , I wish you the best in your domaining adventures . - robert
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Hi, Irfan. It's great to have you here. I really hope you enjoy this place and find as much value here as I have. I look forward to connecting with you on the inside. Have a wonderful day!


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