"Heart of India" Finally Comes Home?


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Too many years too far from its roots, we trumpet India's Greatest Treasure...

Hidden brilliance ... Overseas ownership should end NOW
This domain can now link with any family or movement or industry group.
Modest sale worth Global attention & Great Marketing Opportunity

INSTANT Romance:
Hear once, Remember always.

India's most famous domain.
Celebrated worldwide:


>> Courtesy to brokers

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I don't know how to tell you this Tiger, so I'll just say it........

The link won't load.

You hit the nail on the head though, the brilliance really is hidden.


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Many thanks - adjusted !

Just saw two huge ॐ pendants in a central Stockholm, Sweden jewelry shop window.



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Two processes overlap here:

Easier to explain is the Flash Effect of Money & Wealth making its own story. Some will remember Rajneesh (Osho) and his Rolls Royce armada. The story of Rajneeshpuram's deluxe Rolls Royce vehicles (93 automobiles!) drew worldwide attention and hundreds of press reports. The spiritual efforts also thus gained attention. Our domain business properties are unique, and tough to value. Some domains sell for many millions of dollars. Which are the best domains, and who's able to own them? Some of these stories have an Indian dimension: highlighting successful businesses or individuals, romantically linking desire and wealth, etc. People worldwide are attracted to stories of the Hope Diamond (and the Taylor-Burton & Krupp diamonds), the most expensive Mumbai real estate, etc.

Our industry, and each of us, can benefit from the great stories behind big domain price tags.

We in the domain business should moreover understand how key words and beautiful images project a positive association. Brands link a great word or domain name with the more mundane. A smelly liquid is now expensive "Joy" perfume. The great domain triggers Flash Romance, a seduction perhaps embellished by our storytelling. We know, of course, that a rather generic product such as a car or ghee can be upgraded through association with religion, family, personal history, etc. The few words already packed with emotional potential can be valuable domains.

Finally, Please always remember that any beautiful or easily-recalled word can route visitors to an associated homepage. Well-designed homes have more than one door. Catch human imagination and forward people to your products & services.

>>> Sorry if this discussion's very basic ! Aloha to all on inforum.in

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