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I am looking for a good health or medical related domain. Preferably single word. Budget is upto $100

Look forward to your PMs or posts in the thread.

best wishes

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I have these --- lets deal.... get back to me as soon as possible 12/14/14 5/10/14 6/2014 8/10/2015 4/15/14 1/30/15 9 years old 3/29/15


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I am looking for a good health or medical related domain. Preferably single word. Budget is upto $100

Look forward to your PMs or posts in the thread.

best wishes

I have the following:

PM me your offer


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SideEffect.inBodyGrow.netDiabeticMedicine.infoAllCancerSolution.comCancerAgents.comCancerAyurvedicTreatment.comCancerBody.comCancerCausingAgent.comCancerDatabases.comCancerDiagnosticKit.comCancerDomain.comCancerGallery.comCancerNewsUpdate.comCancerPatientInfo.comCancerRecommendation.comCancerResearchTool.comCancerSafety.comCancerSequences.comCommonCancerTreatment.comHelpCancerPatient.comMicroarrayDatabase.comOnlineBiozone.comCancerKitSupplier.comCancerMolecules.comCancerPhysiotherapy.comCancerProcess.comCancerReactions.comCancerWelfare.comdiabeticdomain.comCancerGirl.comCancerTreatmentKit.comMicroarrayDatabases.comFreeHealthServices.netsugartesting.netBacteriae.comBacteriae.orgeHealthAnalytics.comScanningBrain.comEach domain for $100


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i have following domain names

If interested pls let me know

suketu bhatt
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