Have Gavel Will Travel: How Paul Keating Became One of the Industry's Top Attorneys


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A new Cover Story is out at DNJournal.com. It is a profile of industry legal pioneer Paul Keating, a globe-trotting domain defender who over the past decade has proven himself to be one of the best in the business. Ironically, when Paul got involved with domains in 2003 it was at a time when he was planning to QUIT LAW all together to pursue other entrepreneurial interests. He reversed course only after a persistent domainer changed his mind by sending him 20 new clients within 60 days, proving this new industry needed a man with his talents! Keating’s professional and personal lives have been filled with unexpected twists like that and we will tell you all about them in our latest Cover Story: Have Gavel Will Travel: How Globe-Trotting Domain Defender Paul Keating Became One of the Industry's Top Attorneys


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