Handwriting.net PR 3 Domain ! 5,261 Parking Uniques $67.45 Revenue, Registered in 1997

Handwriting.net PR3 18 Years Old

August 8th- November 5th stats

5,261 Parking Traffic $67.45 Revenue

Created on 1997-09-05 - Expires on 2016-09-04

*PR 3 Domain

*A Global Domain Name.(Traffic from all over the world India,China,Europe,South America and USA)

*Alexa Rank 7,169,139

Handwriting.net PR 3 is a great name
The traffic shows that school children are in need of
guidance and practice to achieve proper handwriting and study techniques
They will buy line paper, workbooks and school supplies
Handwriting.net can also allow students to practice their handwriting on i pads
and other mobile devices

Most Handwriting websites are doing very well
with 50,000 + visitors
This being a PR3 domain will help you being ranked higher
which will get you a lot of free traffic in this sector

High Page Rank (PR3) that will help increase ranking in search pages.

As you know once this domain is a website and indexed by Google
The traffic will increase even more, much more.
Right now it is only parked

*High Exact Searches and Broad Searches

*All sales final

*All Major Extensions Taken

Offers above $2,000 USD
PM Questions only
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