GTLDs or New GTLDs : Big Deal?

Discussion in 'New GTLDs' started by Prashant Sharan, Jun 1, 2019.

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    No, we can not rename New gTLDs. New gTLDs are called New gTLDs. Period.

    This is the only way the industry can understand what we are talking about. All other people just calls everything “domains” or a few people call them “new domains” or even fewer call them “new extensions”.

    Nobody outside the industry knows that gtlds are Generic Top-Level Domains. I am sure there are domainers that don’t know that. It is already confusing that some people call “New gTLDs” just “gTLDs” and in “gTLDs” they don’t include .com, .net and .org that were the ORIGINAL gTLDs!

    BTW we call all the country extensions ccTLDs when nobody in any of these countries know or care what ccTLDs are. This is just so we can communicate easier and faster.

    We didn’t call .info and .biz New gTLDs because they were just a couple of extensions. New gTLDs are over a thousand and a few thousand more will soon come with the next ICANN round.

    Do you want to take “New” out of “New gTLDs”? Do you want to call them gTLDs? So how are we going to call .com and .org?

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