Growth of villages in India


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Here's an actual example of growth in India.

Description of Kovil Esanai village before 2004:
Until about 2004, this village of Esanai didn?t have a telephone, most of the homes were constructed with mud and dried coconut leaves, people couldn?t even afford bicycles, the village school was a little more than concrete benches under big trees, and most energy usage was in the form of burning dried cow dung and wood.
Description of Kovil Esanai village in 2009:
However this village of 2009 is drastically different. Almost everybody has mobile phones, the village school has a brick building and every classroom has DVD players, projectors and PC, people drive new motorcycles built by Indian collaborations of Suzuki, Yamaha and Honda (HMC), more houses are made of concrete with the ?modern? amenities like refrigerators and gas stoves, and people have far more world awareness. The village is not some model village adopted by a world organization, nor is it near an outsourcing base or some major global factory. The nearest major town is 3 hours away and it takes more than half a day to reach a major city. The village is yet another part of developing world whose carbon footprint has dramatically grown and whose inhabitants have started to get a taste of the modern world.
Source: What Does India's Future Hold for the World Economy? -- Seeking Alpha


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wow its really a very sharp growth in just 5 years, becuase as you stated in 2004 they can't even afford bycycles and now in 2009 they high tech profile peoples.i really appreciate it.
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