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Can anyone share their tips on how to build a huge social media following to attract targeted traffic to their site? I know that Facebook and Twitter are huge, but I was told that they don't work with all kinds of niches.

Any thoughts?


The best way is simply to buy Facebook and Twitter followers. Such followers will make up a group similar to an email list. Next, you simply post updates on your FB and Twitter accounts. Each update can possibly bring a lot of followers to your main website.
Your social media audience is simply the large network of the people you have added to your profile as friends, relatives, or families from locations near and far. A great way to grow or build this great network is to continue in keeping them updated in whatever you do online and be fully active in the community.


The best way is simply to buy Facebook and Twitter followers. Such followers will make up a group similar to an email list. Next, you simply post updates on your FB and Twitter accounts. Each update can possibly bring a lot of followers to your main website.
Do keep in mind that lots of these followers might be mere bots. If you present your site in a good way and have some good content shared out you might hide that, but those numbers will surely mean something to most people. Some will guess straight away that you might have used such features, some won't. Best thing to do, is not to buy such packages the very instant you create a page. That's a dead giveaway.
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