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DotGreen Community Inc announced that the new TLD is now open for business.
The Landrush phase will end on March 14, 2015.

.Green seems to be a decent new gTLD and may gain significance due to the motto of several organizations of 'Going Green.'

Here is the press release:

" DotGreen Community, Inc., steward of the new .green Top Level Domain (TLD) name, announces the availability on February 12, 2015 of the world’s first cyber real estate designated for the green economy. This “Landrush” phase of the .green domain name rollout allows first movers in business, marketers, the environmental community, and the public to acquire priority registration for premium names with a .green address. The Landrush phase lasts through March 14.

After Landrush, all .green names will then become available to the business community and general public on March 24th on a first come, first served basis. The launch of .green comes in time for companies to launch their new .green web pages and showcase their green initiatives and products for Earth Day, 2015.

During the Landrush phase of availability, .green Internet addresses can be applied for online with one of the registrars listed at .Green

The term ‘green’ has become the globally recognized identifier in business, politics, conservation, environmentalism, and consumerism dating back at least fifty years,” said DotGreen Community, Inc. Founder, Annalisa Roger. “Today, its mainstream, and the .green digital address is positioned to become one of the most recognized TLDs across the planet as the world’s first and only online platform for consumers and businesses taking part in the green economy.”

What are your thoughts on .Green gTLD?

I find it pretty decent and though it may or may not get many registrations, but the embedded value in the extension itself is remarkable.
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