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Do you worry that Google collects too much information about you? I certainly have nothing to hide, but I don't like being tracked by Google, or any other company for that matter. An article on The Hindu discusses this very topic:

..., in another India-specific case concerning the use of Orkut, its social networking site. When a Google user posted a defamatory image of the Maratha hero Shivaji on Orkut, the Indian police asked Google for his IP address. Google gave it. Airtel then provided the physical address of a man which, they said, matched Google?s data. He was arrested and jailed, but turned out to be the wrong man.

Jailed the wrong man? Now that's scary.


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The way Google is spreading its domain on the Internet sure raises some concerns. It has even entered the mobile phone world by launching Android, its new mobile device OS. The problem does not stop there. The fact that it is readily accepted where ever it goes is alarming. I think we need more measures like Scroogle to avoid any mishaps.


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