Google Just Made SSL Certificates A Must Have For Your Business Website


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Remember when we told you the new Google Chrome update that launched in October was going to start labeling websites that do not have an SSL Certificate as Non-Secure? Well it’s happened, and yes, your customers are noticing.

Here’s a video that shows the difference in how a non-secure and secure website looks in the new Google Chrome.

The video is available here

Google is making security a top priority moving forward and so should you. Make sure your brand has an SSL Certificate in place and only visit websites that are secure when you’re browsing the web.

This seems to be a promotional article. However if a SSL certificate is a must, look into it, if you belong to the category on online business owner.


Thanks for sharing this information. As a customer, it's nice to see Google taking security seriously, but I also worry that users will think everything is hunky-dory and they are totally safe so no need to update the operating system or use difficult passwords. When we all know that's not the case.


I noticed this a few days ago and kept wondering what had changed. I think this is a good step from Google, especially at a time when scammers are getting smarter and devising ways of ripping folks online.


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A good gesture from Google but just to digress a bit, what are the requirements that a website has to meet so as to acquire an SSL certificate?


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There is not a specific requirement for any website to have a SSL certificate installed. The only requirement is by the issuer of the Certificate. Once a request has been made, they will send an email to the WHOIS Admin and/or Registrar email address to verify ownership. Once verified, the certificate will be emailed to that same email address. The installation process varies from web host to web host. Check with your web host on how the certificate is to be installed and if they will do the installation or if you have to yourself.


I agree with you @JackD. It makes it much easier when a website is using an SSL because it allows secure connections. There isn't any justifiable reason why any good website out there, would not have this installed.
I've just chatted with Namecheap who host my website.

I don't qualify for a free Positive SSL certificate, but if I get one elsewhere they will install it for me.
I've been pleasantly surprised.

I paid $9 for the SSL certificate via Namecheap with whom my site is hosted, and it took literally just a few minutes from paying for it to my site changing to https. Even the redirection from the old http to https was easily handled by them.

Now I just need to upload the Comodo badge to my homepage. :)

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I would agree SSL certificate is a very positive feature of a website. Your website visitors are more likely to share their personal data (email, name etc.) with a website that has SSL certificate. Especially for online retail or a store website SSL certificate is a must-have feature. I for one, would not dare dream of paying with my credit card on a website that does not have SSL certificate.


That article has to be promotional in nature. Like a PSA that is reminding you of something that has been around for a very long time.


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