Google is enabling publishers to show non-personalised ads

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    • For AdWords customers globally, our GDPR terms are incorporated into the terms of service, which (if you’ve not done so already) you can accept in your account. In the case of AdWords Customer Match and Store Sales Direct, Google acts as a processor; for the rest of AdWords we act as a controller.
    • For customers using DoubleClick and the Google Analytics (GA) Suite, processor terms are available for you to review and accept from within your account. If you are an EEA client of GA, data processing terms will be included in your terms shortly. GA customers based outside EEA and all GA 360 customers may accept the terms from within GA.
    • If you don’t contract with Google for your use of Google products, you should seek advice from the parties with whom you contract.
    Product changes

    To comply, and support your compliance with GDPR, we are:

    • Making some changes across the network of publisher sites on which your ads may appear – enabling publishers to show non-personalised ads and to select which third parties measure and serve ads for EEA users on their sites and apps.
    • Taking steps to limit the processing of personal information for children under the GDPR Age of Consent in individual member states.
    • Unifying our ads data retention practices; and launching new controls for Google Analytics customers to manage the retention and deletion of their data.
    • Exploring consent solutions for publishers, including working with industry groups like IAB Europe.