GoFundMe.IN Ranks #13 on DN Journal's "Country Code Top 20 Sales" Chart@$3.5K, 1.XYZ Sells@$182K



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Ron Jackson >> Last week's DN Journal Weekly List of the TOP 20 Sales >>
dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm >>

.IN Sales: GoFundMe.IN $3,500 (via SEDO.com )

(Made it to RANK #13 on the "Country Code Top 20 Sales Chart")

'New TLD'/'nTLD'

1.XYZ CN¥ 1.18 Million (approx. US$181,720) / ( via West.CN )

RON >> 1.XYZ ..."ranks as the second highest non .com gTLD sale of the year to date (second only to Recovery.net at $200,000)."

66.XYZ CN¥ 425K (appx. US$
65.45K) / 51.XYZ CN¥ 300K (appx. US$46.2K) / (Both via West.CN)

More .XYZ Auction
Sales via West.CN >>

11.xyz ¥278,000 = $42,812
YM.xyz ¥256,000 = $39,424
98.xyz ¥232,000 = $35,728
HK.xyz ¥224,000 = $34,496
VIP.xyz ¥214,000 = $32,956


HX.xyz ¥124,000 = $19,096
ZT.xyz ¥93,000 = $14,322


Hot.xyz ¥53,000 = $8,162
Yang.xyz ¥47,000 = $7,238

Additional .XYZ Sales via West.CN

Yes.xyz $6,314 / Now.xyz $6,160 / vir.xyz $3,080 / book.xyz $2,618 / kang.xyz $2,387


123456.xyz / xxxx.xyz / zzzz.xyz $2,002 EACH | show.xyz $4,620 / diy.xyz $1,848


[ The complete list of all the .XYZ Auction Sales via West.CN can be viewed via Ron's full article at:


Authentic.LIFE $2,499 / Shop.TRAINING $2,260 (Both via SEDO)


RON >> "The Jiangsu Bangning registrar sold Angel.top for $3,080"

Percentage of .COMs

Thu, Mar 24 = 13 out of 20 =

Thu, Mar 31 = 10 out of 20 = 50%

Thu, Apr 7 = 14 out of 20 = 70%

Thu, Apr 14 = 13 out of 20 = 65%

Thu, Apr 21 = 10 out of 21 = 47.62%

(RON: ..."21 spots due to a 3-way tie for the final position"... )

Thu, Apr 28 = 6 out of 20 = 30

(30% is the lowest I've ever seen since starting to track this '.COM Percentage' figure a few years ago)

(Dates are as per the prevailing local time in India)


dnjournal.com/domainsales.htm excerpts:

Three Six-Figure Sales Totaling Over a Half Million Dollars Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart

By Ron Jackson

[...] with Mikihouse.com making $224,224. That term will leave a lot of people scratching their heads but, as Raymond Hackney explained in a post about the sale at TheDomains.com today, it took a big payday to convince an American company that had been using the domain to turn it over to a Japanese firm with global operations, Miki ShokoCo. Ltd., who decided they just had to have it.

[...] 1.xyz [...] after changing hands for ¥1,180,000 ($181,720 at today's exchange rate) in a premium name auction the .xyz registry ran earlier this month on registrar West.cn's platform.


[...] the .xyz/west.cn auction (the registry posted a full list of sales, including those lower than the $1,000 minimum we track, on their blog April 10). We've spent some time since then taking a close look at the sales reported. With the auction being conducted on a Chinese platform and almost all of the buyers being Chinese these sales are considerably more difficult to verify than most we have seen in the past, but under the criteria for reporting sales (posted at a link that has been at the bottom of our Top 20 Chart for the past decade) we determined they are eligible.

The registry founder and a top official at the registrar both went on record stating the sales were completed at the prices shown and a check of the Whois records on all those above four figures show completed transfers to a variety of buyers (the top 16 sales went to 7 different buyers). Even so, we know many are skeptical of high dollar new gTLD sales (not surprising given there isn't much of a track record to go on because they are so new).

In addition, the values often make little sense to Western buyers who once considered letters like q, x, y and z to be "bad" ones as they are seldom used in English words. To the Chinese those are "good" letters and the vowels so popular with us are the ones with little value. They also generally place a much higher value on numerics. In short, more than ever, value is in the eye of the beholder. As the number of TLDs, as well as the number of geographical areas where active domain markets develop (with their own particular likes and dislikes) continues to increase, our approach will be to continue to try to treat all reporting parties as equally as possible as long as the trust we and the community at large place in them is not violated.

[...] Zandibot [...] with a pair led by #15 Pompeii.com at $22,500 [...]



[ Ron's full article - including the complete, weekly list of last week's DN Journal TOP 20 Sales:

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