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GoDaddy released their summer updates for 2016. A look at all the projects, services and products that have either been released, updated or expanded upon.

The new features and enhancements include:


  • Launched new generic top-level domains (gTLDs), including: .SALON, .GROUP, .GMBH, .LTD, .MOM, .BARCELONA, .PROMO, .GAME, .JETZT, .STREAM, adding to the 400+ domains already offered by GoDaddy.
  • Added an updated Domain Name System (DNS) Manager interface, which is a mobile-first solution making it easy to update DNS settings inline, switch to non-default Nameservers, create subdomains and forward domains.
  • Updated the GoDaddy Investor mobile app to support 15 new languages, as well as several new auction features.
  • Added GoDaddy Investor mobile app to several key China Android app stores includingApp China, Beans, and 360.
  • Implemented WHOIS Privacy for .CO.UK, .ME.UK, and .ORG.UK., which replaces the public information a user provides with an anonymous proxy identity.

  • Launched GoDaddy Cloud Servers in Asia, Europe and Latin America, helping individual developers, tech entrepreneurs and IT professionals quickly build, test and scale cloud solutions.
  • Created the Developer and Cloud Portal, a forum for customers to discuss GoDaddy Cloud topics.
  • Simplified the signup and configuration experience for cPanel customers, reducing the process to four steps. This allows customers to publish their websites faster.
  • Announced availability of the Web Pro Program in new English and Spanish markets; included support for more Indian languages.
    • Added in-app notifications, allowing members to see upcoming expiring client products
  • Opened an East Coast data center to better serve Eastern US and Latin America Managed WordPress customers.
  • Added data center selection so new customers can select which data centers (US West Coast, US East Coast, Europe) they want to utilize.
Presence and Commerce

  • Integrated GoDaddy Email Marketing with WordPress through GoDaddy’s exclusive setup wizard. An email signup widget is included with every theme. WordPress users can collect unlimited subscribers for free and enjoy 50 complimentary email credits.

  • Launched SiteLock 911, an automated one-time cleanup service that removes malware and provides a SiteLock technician review.
Business Applications

  • Launched Office 365 to small businesses across Asian markets.
  • Streamlined the HIPAA-compliant email setup process in the U.S.A to help small businesses in the healthcare space maintain their HIPAA compliance as part of their email communications with patients and vendors.
  • Announced its intent to acquire FreedomVoice to boost the availability and quality of voice communication services for small business.
Emerging Products

  • Launched Flare, a community-based app that helps bring business ideas to life. The app empowers people to share ideas and get guidance from friends, entrepreneurs, and experts.

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