GoDaddy launches Domain Investing section on the website


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GoDaddy has launched a new domain investing section on its website. If you click on the “Domains” drop down menu on GoDaddy’s website, you can see the “Domain Investing” category on the bottom right section (with the word “New” next to it). Clicking on this link takes you to a section of the website that will provide educational materials about domain name investing.

The section was created to help educate people about the business of domain investing. There are a variety of resources and tools referenced within this section of the website. Interestingly, there is also a forum for people to ask questions about domain investing. I do not see this replacing other industry forums, as this seems more geared to helping people who have GoDaddy related questions, although there are plenty of broader, industry-related discussion threads.


P.S. This section appears for U.S. site only as of now


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