GoDaddy just sold THREE names

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    Yesterday, the news that domainer Liulian acquired broke out. The previous owner of appeared to be NameFind LLC, which is a GoDaddy company. Right now’s whois appears to be Xiaosheng Liu, CEO of, seems like brokered the deal. The price of is not disclosed.

    But not only changed its Whois, there are two more names — and! These two’s whois have also been updated recently, also under the name of Xiaosheng Liu. However, domainer Liulian didn’t mention that he acquired all three names, so we believe that there are two other buyers or one more participating in wrapping up GoDaddy’s premium domain assets.

    According to Michael Berkens, GoDaddy also sold 45 three character .com names, seems like GoDaddy is in the selling mode after wrapping up 3 huge domain packages, which are Marchex, Michael Berkens and Elite Domains Group.