GoDaddy gets patent for text-based domain name renewal

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    System would make it easy for people to renew domains using a third-party texting service.

    The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued patent number 9,929,995 (pdf) to GoDaddy for “Third party messaging system for monitoring and managing domain names and websites.”

    The patent is a continuation of an earlier one the company filed for allowing people to make changes to a website via text message.

    This latest patent covers technology that would allow GoDaddy to communicate with customers via SMS, app or a third-party social network to help them renew their domain name or expand their webhosting package.

    For example, if a customer’s domain is about to renew, GoDaddy could send a text message to the customer and ask if they want to renew it. They could respond ‘yes’ to renew the domain automatically, or ‘no’ if they want to let it expire.