GoDaddy Ends Year With ~200 Expiring Emoji Domains in Auction

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    What a year it’s been for emoji domains! From fanatics to hardcore critics, emoji domains are carving a niche of their own in an already multifaceted industry.

    As many rushed to become emoji domain owners with initial latte-priced registration fees in the last year or so, scores of emoji domains are currently landing in GoDaddy’s expiring domain auction block daily due to pricey emoji domain renewals.

    This december alone has yielded approximately 2,500 and counting expiring emoji domains in auction, which is roughly 12% of the estimated 21,000 emoji domains registered over the last 1-2 years.

    However, what’s yet to be seen is if emoji domain registrations will continue to shed in increasing number.

    You can scroll through the complete list here