GoDaddy domain name auctions: a disservice to the domain name industry


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GoDaddy is doing a disservice to the domain name industry. They are a domain name auction house auctioning domains that may or MAY NOT be delivered to the winning bidder that has already paid. Any other industry and they would be the laughing stock of the industry. They are still in the domain name expired auction business simply because of their exclusive inventory.

GoDaddy is auctioning names that can still be renewed by their owner, that can be transferred out to some other registrar, or even while they are pending transfer.

Something so simple that can be fixed over night yet not being fixed: reduce the auction time from 10 days to 3, move the auction start 4 days ahead, give the domain owner 3 days less to renew. Simple as that. Just like Namejet and Snapnames are doing.

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